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Horizon Village Appraisal is an established commercial real estate appraisal firm, appraiser licensed is Las Vegas based and a Certified General Appraiser (who is located in Henderson, Nevada) that has several years of local appraisal expertise. The appraisal firm began completing valuations for banks in the 1980's but focused on Las Vegas in 1997. As licensed and designated real estate appraisers we provide objective, unbiased, well-supported real estate appraisals / valuations crafted to assist our appraisal clients in making informed real property / real estate decisions.

Our ommercial real estate appraisals are completed by the appraiser firm for uses that include but are not limited to; mortgage lending, private lending, investment valuation, estate planning, insurance, acquisition, disposition, litigation, condemnation valuation and tax reporting purposes. We offer our appraiser clients affordable prices, quick turnaround times and quality appraisal reports guaranteed to meet their decision-making needs.  This site offers our appraiser clients and potential appraisal clients quick access to us via all devices including; desktops, netbooks / laptops, mobile phones and pads.

Customer Satisfaction
As appraisers our #1 goal is customer satisfaction, via accute appraisals, quick turnaround times and quality appraisal reports. We are committed to providing you appraisals in Las Vegas & Henderson that are first quality appraisals that meet your valuation needs.  If there is any reason why your satisfaction may not be met, we will discuss potential problems that we see before we start on an appraisal assignment, not after.  We have completed hundreds of commercial appraisal assignments for our real estate / real property appraiser clients.

Our Other Internet Websites
Check out our informative appraisal website at it offers hundreds of free articles on a wide range of appraisal issues. We are a Las Vegas real estate appraiser firm with a lot to offer, contact us now and talk to an appraiser.

Contact us by email, by text or by phone at (702) 568-6699 or long-distance at 1 (702) 568-6699 today for a free quote.

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