Horizon Village Appraisal Services
It's true that experience, education, skill, and detail matter for appraisers.

Our appraisers are thoroughly experienced in investment property analysis. We have the skill and knowledge to form an opinion of value based on the appropriate appraisal procedures, and then to effectively communicate the results of the appraisal to the client. A significant amount of detail is poured into every appraisal, which requires in-depth research for each property, including interviews with buyers, sellers, brokers, attorneys, tenants, landlords, government agencies, and other key players involved in the appraisal process. We use only the best computer technology, the most up-to-date appraisal resources, and the latest premium comparable sale software available to make sure we havenít missed a thing. The end result is an appraisal report that exceeds the industry standard.

We appraise; office buildings, retail buildings / shopping centers, industrial Buildings, multifamily buildings, adult living facilities, surgical centers, free-standing retail, churches, residential Subdivisions, mobile home parks, planned / proposed developments, condemnation, vacant land, auto repair facilities, airplane hangers, day care facilities, commercial condominiums, automobile dealership, motels / hotels, cemeteries, gas stations, convience stores, institutional facilities, medical office buildings, banks,mini-warehouse buildings, golf courses, fast food restaurants, cell tower sites, easements and a number of other property types.

Experience / Education
The most sought-after appraisal in the real estate industry is the one prepared by an appraiser with the education and experience to competently complete it.

Originally licensed in 1991 (Michigan #121, Wisconsin #345) with a BS degree in Economics / Statistics, a BSCS in Computer Science and an MA in business and public administration the appraiser has worked as the Economist III for the Arizona State Land Department and as the Staff Specialist ROW - Legal for the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT).

Skill / Attention to Detail
Compare our sample report with the others that you find offerred to you on the Internet.  You will find that a great deal of time, effort and attention is paid to our reports.  They look good not only because they are visually appealing but because the content is logical, well presented and reasonable. 

Prompt Turnaround Times
In many instances we can provide the fastest turnaround time to clients. We do however prefer appraisal assignments with reasonable time to analyze appraisal problems and provide a competent, credible report.

Reasonable Assignment Fees
Our fees are generally 20% or more below our competitors. Shop around and call us after you have their quotes, we can usually offer you a substantial savings.

You can contact us by email at by text or via a direct phone call to (702) 568-6699 or if calling us long-distance at 1 (702) 568-6699 and you will not be routed to a secretary or an Intern but you will talk to a qualified appraiser who can answer your questions about your potential assignment.

Our Past Clients Are Our Evidence
We have spent weeks, months and years doing quality appraisal work for others and the list of our past clients while partial (See CLIENTS) the list gives you some insight as to whom we have done business with in the past.  We have completed work for many others including the US Government, State, County and City governments, for banks, for corporate clients like insurance companies and for individuals.

CALL US NOW AT call at (702) 568-6699 or long-distance at 1 (702) 568-6699 or contact us via our contact form. We prefer email or phone contacts.